Greenroom136 is a Malaysian independent bag company specialising in various urban use bags ranging from messenger style, backpacks, wallets, camera inserts and related accessories.

Established in 2011, we believe strongly that there is new meaning to the phrase “Made in Malaysia” and we are capable of producing amazing products with international standards. All products are designed by us and manufactured by hand at our workshop situated in the heart of Kajang, Selangor.

Greenroom136 urban carry gears are not just built tough, we labor towards building a brand and product culture that inspires hope.

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Origin Story as told by founder/owner, Patrick Lim.

I was introduced to the idea when a friend shared about his bag manufacturing facility in China and was explaining to us the potentials of the venture. At the point of discussion, my buddy and I was already in the market looking for a venture to focus our efforts on. Needless to say the news of this manufacturing facility in China was a timely coincidence.

We started work on researching feasibility; with my buddy taking care of business and sales while I dabbled on product design and marketing since I was the more creative type. Our hopes were dashed when we saw the first prototype.


Greenroom136 back in the day.


Not admitting to failure and being the stubborn mule that I am, I stuck on the project taking on research over the fundamentals of building the perfect urban messenger bag and brand. Studying over such successful companies as Crumpler, Timbuk2, Chrome, Manhattan Portage, Porter and many others.

Next, i took courage and bought my very first sewing machine after realising how stupid and time-consuming it was to build prototypes by hand. I was warmly welcomed with uncomfortable stares from Singer sales people trying to fathom why a man is buying a sewing machine – understand that their customers in this part of world are predominantly, ladies; perhaps it was the reason why they were overly friendly in teaching me the basics. It took many months of trial and error of self-learning (which surprisingly was not difficult); material searching and testing. Broke the machine a few times but the investment paid off when I came face to face with our very first commercially viable bag; JunkMonkey Heretic. The many failed prototype designs and WTF moments was worth it. And the rest as they say, was history.

Greenroom136's very own retail hub store at Pop by JayaOne.

Greenroom136’s very own retail hub store at Pop by JayaOne.

Head to Head :: Laptop Messengers
WOW! Awhile back when we sent over the JunkMonkey Heretic to
Carryology.com, we only expected a product review by one of the industry's dedicated blog on the subject of Carry in hope of pitting our best bag to international standards. We really wanted to see where we stand and how we can be better at our game. Well, Carryology (like so many instance) came back with more than what we bargained for. The JunkMonkey Heretic was pitted against one of Timbuk2's best and frankly, all I ask is that we survive the battle. The review had given us a gazillion amazing points to ponder on for the next revision and we owe so much to Ando and the folks at Carryology for bringing us this amazing piece. Carryology, thank you!