ScribbleBook Journal advocate review by Ikhwan Nazri @tekong

We sent Ikhwan of a ScribbleBook Journal and he came back with this to say about our story telling companion. Big big thanks to Ikhwan with a bear hug for the help.

You can read the full report with photos and video here


A month ago, I received a call from Gordon from Greenroom 136 asked me if I’m keen to test their new Scribblebook Organizers. I must said, I have missed to used organizers for such a long time but it was useful back then. Days before we have the new age of Smartphone, people still using Organizers to schedule meetings months before, a-la planner. So I said to Gordon, I would love to.

And so he sent me Scribblebook Journal, that can fit perfectly with my Moleskine Evernote Smart Notebook. Here, before a picture galore, I present you videos about that lovely journal.

So after a month using it, what are my comments?

  • The size of it is manly. Imagine like walking around with an organizer, but a bit smaller (around A5), and manlier. No other organizers sports a car buckle strap mind you. It is better to carry this on your hand rather than keep it in a bag. You can keep it in a bag but I found that heavy. When I remove the Scribblebook Journal I can felt significant weight being reduced.
  • It has a lot of useful pockets. I use the clear window section to put some of Amanz name card and as for the other window section, I put the name cards of the person I met during meeting and that indicates I have something to talk with them.
  • As for the pockets behind the front cover, I store pen & iPod Nano (ver 3) inside and believe it has a fair treatment because they put microfiber for inner linings, thus your gadget wont scratch.
  • The zippered area I used to store some other stuff that I don’t want people to notice.
  • There’s NotebookNotbuk supplied with this Journal. But I switch with my Moleskine Evernote Smart Notebook. And the cover flap even fits the notebook. So you can say, Scribblebook protects your lovely Moleskines.
  • And behind their back cover are two deep pockets that I now using it to keep receipts.
  • I’m liking it because it made me look corporate-ish while if you know me, I’m not.
  • And I think I need a new Greenroom bag. I am deeply attached with my Scribblebook Journal.

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