Greenroom136’s  camera carry solution.

Greenroom136’s camera carry solution.

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We’ve been getting loads of request for a camera carry solution and we’ve not been able to figure one out simply because of the challenges of making a camera bag. Its just not that simple; there’s the question of foam padding, use ergonomics, fabric types and the works. And simply coming out with a bag dedicated to nothing but your camera gear is not something we want to get into. After over a year, we’re finally ready to offer up something that’s exciting.

The +KitPouch is a carry/storage solution that turns all your Greenroom136 bag into a camera friendly bag. We offer up to two types; the standard version comes EVA padded with corduroy lining and features a zip cover with side grab handles for easy installation/storage of your gears; while the Lite version is a bucket to pad your bag ready to carry your camera gears.

Come by to our online store to know more about the +Kitpouch at

Khairil M Bahar is an accomplished writer, musician, actor and film maker. After winning a short film competition, it gave him the wings to soar into the Malaysian film industry and offer up his very first motion picture film; Ciplak. The success from Ciplak soon presented him with more projects and eventually the release of more movies from Relationship Status to the current, Cuak. You can find out more about his work at

On this installment of “What’s your Concretejungle?”, Khai  share with us his love for photography and the gears he carry. Featuring our very own +KitPouch camera storage solution.

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