Of droids and lightsabers.

Of droids and lightsabers.


1977. There I was, glued to a little box with bright fluttering lights. I was waiting for that moment when a black and white image of a Tie-Fighter would fly by and explode into a fiery ball of star dust; just like how I recall seeing it before on many such similar nights. It was a time before the Betamax or VHS. It was a time when the only the source of entertainment of motion picture proportion was on a black and white telly with a click-aty clak tuner dial or on the silver screen of a peanut shell carpeted cinema. Perhaps that led me to understand that, that moment was probably my first and only encounter with Star Wars. I remember watching the making of Star Wars on RTM, and perhaps that was my first encounter with the characters from Star Wars. At the tender age of 2, I was hooked on droids and lightsabers.

IMG_20141110_221106I remember during a family trip to Ipoh, my old man announced that we were off to a movie. A movie with a green alien in a swampy land; bright white atmosphere of a floating city with a beautiful princess and two droids that I was very familiar with. On that trip, I was hooked on Wall’s ice cream simply because that ice cream had a wrapper with illustrations from The Empire strikes back. The image of clashing lightsabers in red and blue would haunt me forever.


These are hot items at the store. Only managed to acquire a meter or two per design. Not enough to conquer the world but enough for some good fun.

I remember waking up with the mysterious urge to find the cinema screening page on the News Straits Times to find a poster advertising the opening weekend of The Return of the Jedi. Of course, Dad didn’t hear the end of it until he brought me to watch the movie that very day.

Flash forward, I’m still very much in love with the franchise. And like many, I think I too can vouch that “I’ve watched Star Wars 500 times!”. I’ve never been big on toys but I love perusing through books and illustrations; which led me to Steve Sansweet’s book of 1000 collectibles. I’m really fascinated with Star Wars memorabilia. I’ve always wanted and dreamt of collecting but these were extremely rare in Malaysia. I envy the Americans and the Japanese for having such variety. And above all, wouldn’t it be fantastic if given the opportunity to create a Star Wars memorabilia? But judging from the population of Malaysia compared with America or Japan, I can safely declare that the population of Star Wars fandom would be greatly dwarfed. The cost to acquire a merchandising license would be extremely risky. So, it’s back to dreaming.


We only managed to make 3 ScribbleBook Journals. All printed fabric were used to make the inner parts of the wallet. These are selling at RM165 per piece.

Until, I chanced on officially licensed Star Wars printed fabric. Using these licensed fabric doesn’t make the things I make officially authorised. But it gives me an opportunity to trial the potentials of such memorabilia on a small scale. To see what works and doesn’t. It was a no brainy to pick some up. But supply of these fabric is pretty limited and because these materials are thinner and weaker than the normal fabric we work with, there are only so many things we can build with them. So, we decided to use the small supply to make smaller items namely ScribbleBooks and PocketBook.


This black and white print is clearly everyone’s favourite. Having only managed to buy 1 meter, we had enough to make 5 PocketBook Deluxe. Selling at RM115 a piece.

As highlighted, apart from the licensed Star Wars printed fabric, these Greenroom136 products are not officially authorised by Lucasfilm. Thus, we have no intention to mass produce, advertise nor are these widely available except at our Hub Store at Pop by JayaOne. There is no plans for online sale too. So, once these extremely rare items are sold out, we don’t foresee to reproduce more. And if we do produce some in the future, we hope to produce officially licensed goods (fingers crossed).

If you want a piece, make your way to the Greenroom136 Hub Store at Pop by Jaya One on 11th November 2014. We expect them to be on sale as soon as 1030am.


Here’s to more dreaming and may the force be with you.


The ScribbleBook Travel was a last minute decision to the mix. We have 1 in colour and 1 in black and white. Selling at RM135 per piece.


Unlike the normal fabric we use, these are not meant to make bags nor wallets. It was clear from the beginning that we would use them for the inner components of the wallets rather than the outer shell.


Components to ScribbleBook Travel during production. We also wanted the user to not feel self conscious about carrying a wallet emblazoned with Star Wars images. The choice to us black Cordura as the outer shell was to keep the true beauty of the piece inconspicuous.


These fabric are thin and originally made to make simpler crafts such as shirts, bed sheets and etc. We had to beef them up before we could use them.


Ironing a layer of interface to make these thicker and more durable.

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  1. Zach says:

    hi are these for sale?

    interesting merchandize, but its stated… November 2014, its over?

  2. Patrick Lim says:

    Hi Zach, this was last year. There will be a new project this year. Make sure you’re on our Facebook to be notified. It’s extremely limited.

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