Comparison Chart : Junkmonkey or Bootstrap

Comparison Chart : Junkmonkey or Bootstrap


Junkmonkey was first introduced on April 7, 2011 as Junkmonkey Heretic. It was part of a “First Class” set of bags offered by Greenroom136 through a Private Screening exclusive to the early Facebook fan base. Junkmonkey was designed and created based on the use case of Patrick Lim. Due to his high frequent travels and the need to work from anywhere, he needed a bag that is easy to reach in to quickly grab something without the need to standstill and being able to carry a heavy load while still being comfortable.

Bootstrap was first introduced on September 2, 2011 as Bootstrap Origin and Bootstrap Rainmaker. Starting Greenroom136, we needed to expand our product line and after receiving feedback from most of our prospects for cheaper and simpler bags, hence the idea of a bag that one can customise based on needs. You get to decide what goes into the bag or how much you want to spend. Eventually, we got to understand that our fans actually wanted a more affordable bag with all the perks. A bag that will look good in and out of the office. So, the Bootstrap was updated and the whole concept of a DIY bag was discarded; the follow up version became an all complete single strap urban pro bag.


Junkmonkey was designed to carry medium to heavy load, comfortably. The back of the bag is padded with EVA and air mesh; and features a quick grab handle as we expect our highly mobile users to be constantly on the move, needing to grab their pack on a whim.

Bootstrap was designed based on most traditional single strap messenger bag. Best to carry a light to medium load, we expect most of its users to be less mobile and having a less hectic daily routine. If it is a handsome, non-leather pack that is what you’re looking for, this is one to consider.


Junkmonkey’s front pocket is accessible from the side via a zip enclosure. Even when the pack is closed shut, one will still be able to reach in and grab what’s needed from the cavenous single cell front pocket. Just behind the front pocket where it connects with the extended inner shell, there are three large pockets.

Bootstrap features two top loading front gadget pockets that is only accessible when the cover of the pack is opened. Like the Junkmonkey, behind the front pocket where it connects with the extended inner shell, there are three large pockets for medium and large size pack. Two large pockets for small size pack.


Junkmonkey features a lean back harness that conforms to the body of it’s carrier. This is the main reason behind the pack’s comfort during heavy load carry. Harness is detachable by way of working a velcro ended strap with it connecting buckle. This allows the user to interchange from a right hand use to a left with complete ease. Also, this gives the option of harness upgrades and replacement.

Bootstrap features a traditional vertical oriented harness. This harness position makes the Bootstrap more suitable to be carried on the side of one’s body rather than across like the Junkmonkey. This pack is still able to carry a heavy load comfortably, provided the height of the bag is carefully configured; most commonly just above the waist.


Junkmonkey’s harness is detachable, making it easy to remove for replacement or upgrade purpose. Currently, there are two harness systems with CamBuckle harness being standard issue and QuickRelease harness which can be purchased separately or upgraded at point of bag purchase. All packs are set for right hand users on default, left hand users will be able to self configure the harness to suit. The correct position for CamBuckle and QuickRelease buckle is to have it at the waist; right side for right hand and so on. Having the buckle at the wrong position (having the buckle near the shoulder) will result in discomfort during carry.

The harness on the Bootstrap is fixed, configured for right hand users by default. Although the pack can easily be used by left hand users, properly configured left hand oriented Bootstraps can be custom built. Since this pack is best carried lower towards the hip or on the side of one’s body, having the CamBuckle on the wrong position will not be too much of a discomfort. The end of the harness is anchored to the bottom of the bag, the belt between the top and bottom anchor forms a handle which can be used as a grab handle or to add-on additional pouches.


Junkmonkey is best carried across one’s body and on the upper torso. The wing harness comfortably forms the bag around your body; it is very rare one can feel any pressure points from a fully loaded Junkmonkey. You will notice that with the lean back position of the harness, your pack is naturally lead away from your body and is no longer fighting your body for space.

Bootstrap is best carried on the side of one’s body. Due to the traditional vertical positioned harness, carrying the Bootstrap this way is at its most comfortable.


Junkmonkey is at it’s least comfortable when carried on the side of one’s body. Position of wing harness may give the feeling that the bag is leaning off your body. But, if it is needed to carry this pack without creasing your shirt, we recommend keeping the harness to it’s shortest length before hanging it off the shoulder on one side of your body; this does give the feeling of carrying a backpack on one shoulder strap. The same is to be done with a Junkmonkey upgraded with the Quick Release harness.

Bootstrap is at it’s least comfortable when carried across the body at the upper torso. Because of the vertical nature of the harness, the pack will conform unnaturally to your body structure; common pressure point is the top of your laptop pressing against your back. If it is needed to carry this pack across your body, we recommend keeping the bag lower towards your hip.

Take note : Avoid carrying any bag too low beyond your hip; it may seem trendy and hip but doing so will increase the likelihood of body fatigue and possibly back injuries.


To conclude…

Junkmonkey is your choice if…
What do you carry? Laptop, charger, cables & accessories, tablet, portable hard drive, water bottle, and notebooks. A medium to heavy load.
Commute? Public transport, motorcycle, bicycle, plane and any form that requires the bag to be carried securely.
Time spent on the road? Frequent traveller.
Meeting room friendly? Yes if it’s casual formal.

Bootstrap is your choice if…
What do you carry? Laptop, charger, tablet, documents and notebooks. A light to medium load.
Commute? Public transport, car, plane, trains and most less strenuous forms of mobility.
Time spent on the road? Travels between low to mid frequency. Not so much the globetrotter kind.
Meeting room friendly? Yes.

For more about these amazing single strap urban pro bags, please visit their individual product pages at /junkmonkey and /bootstrap. All Greenroom136 urban bags are available for sale at Greenroom136 Online Store, Greenroom136 Hub Store @ Pop by Jaya One and a trusted resell partner near you; visit /wheretobuy for listing and contact information.

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  1. Albakry Salehuddin says:

    Very useful write up, makes it easier to see what feature fits what type of user. However I do wish I can get Junkmonkey at a more compact size.
    I been using the Sidekeep for a while now and it has worked beautifully.
    But lately I noticed that my left leg will feel a slight pain from fatigue after a long day having it on with heavy stuff in it. So I want to switch over to a single shoulder strap bag instead.
    Is Greenroom 136 coming up with a smaller Junkmonkey anytime soon? I have a trip coming up soon so would be nice to have something like that on that trip.

  2. Patrick Lim says:

    Thank you for the message. We’re working on a small JM.

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