Greenroom136 Materials Test

Every Greenroom bag is built with passion. Using the best-est and most awesome-est industrial grade materials, we stand by our commitment to quality. Don’t just take our word, watch our stress test and see for yourself.

Fabric test – We put up a pair of shears to our Cordura and Oxford nylon fabric to see how far we can push it before it punctures. This test was done in comparison with a set of similar but inferior grade fabric for a greater effect.

Greenroom test #1 – Water repellant shell

Greenroom test #2 – Strength

Greenroom test #3 – Load capacity

Greenroom test #4 – Man handle!

The full account of the stress test.

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  1. Excellent looking bags!

  2. Patrick Lim says:

    Thank you Michael. Glad to hear it.

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