Can I get Greenroom136 to custom manufacture my own brand of bags?

Greenroom136 is an independent micro workshop designed to manufacture the supply of our own line of products. Due to that objective, our facilities are not designed to mass manufacture on OEM basis.

Why not?
To develop a product requires time to prototype, redesign and fine tuning, testing and finally, mass manufacture. This is a vigorous process that requires massive allocation of time, resource, heart ache and stress to complete. To make the process worthwhile, a large investment of manufacturing units would eventually be required. Since we are already committed to the challenges of fulfilling supply of our line of products, we are unable to do more.

W?ldcard Custom?
W?ldcard custom are individual custom bags designed based on existing line of products. These are normally made one of a kind by colour, looks and features specified by the buyer on top of an existing Greenroom136 product. This is doable because the template or process for the larger aspect of the product is already existing. The Custom Bag Builder at the 136 Online Store serves as a basic sandbox to customising your bag, since we hold little limitations, any special request not listed on the builder will be discussed and cost quoted separately.

What can Greenroom136 do for custom orders?
On the other hand, we are able to mass manufacture our current set of products in volume and customised with your brand or company logo with utmost efficiency. Since all our products are use and quality tested, you are assured of a viable product to accompany your brand or purpose of gifting.

For more YOUR LOGO custom choices, visit our 136 Online Store.

3 Responses to Can I get Greenroom136 to custom manufacture my own brand of bags?

  1. Bryan says:

    Hi I would like to enquire about the following for the Bootstrap waxed brown large:

    1) How much would it cost to change all buckles to AustriAlpin COBRA™ buckles?
    2) Is there a promotion available for the bag at this time or are there any other ongoing promotions?

    Thanks for the attention and have a good week ahead.


  2. Patrick Lim says:

    Hi Bryan,
    Thanks for the message. At the moment we only carry Fidlock Sliders and Snaps. We do not carry steel type Cobras. We do have Cobra GT but those are in 2″ size and not suitable for bag enclosures. Smallest CobraGt is 1.5″ which we also don’t carry. We will be participating at the upcoming Markets at Jaya One on 6&7 Aug 2016, there will be a short 2 day sale happening only at the event. More details at


  3. Ben Chong says:

    dear Patrick,

    is it possible to put thicker YKK Zip(like those on Tumi) to the Rainmaker Tactical Custom as i plan to get 1 ?
    can i drop by you workshop to place my custom order ??


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