How do we define stock availability?

Unlike most common dealers and traders, we define stock availability very differently.

Since we make all our products at our micro workshop, stock availability for all our items are based on the availability of materials needed to make the product of your choice.

Meaning if we have red cordura, you will notice that all red coloured products will be listed as available stock despite the fact that some items may actually be sold out.

Following is a glossary to explain the various status;

Infinite – means we have enough fabric and materials to build this product. We may not have actual “ready to deliver stock” but we can custom build the needed item immediately.

Available by a certain quantity – means we have only enough resource to build a few units. We may not have actual “ready to deliver stock” but we can custom build the needed item immediately up to the quantity stipulated.

No stock – means we have no more stock of the materials needed to make the item. Contact us for more details about next availability.

4 Responses to How do we define stock availability?

  1. morgan says:

    When will you have other color/size rainmaker backpacks for sale on your Amazon store?

  2. Marco says:

    Hi, what about the next availability of brown and wax brown bags?
    Also, I see different configuration options for different bag colors, i.e. in the wax brown bootstrap from your shop i have the ability to choose wether I want a kit pouch or not, while this is not possible for the navy one … how’s that?

  3. Patrick Lim says:

    Hi Marco, thanks for the question. Brown is back in stock, we only received fresh fabric yesterday. Still no availability status on wax brown, we will update when we have word.

    There are more configuration options for wax products because these are built to order items due to limited fabric availability. For standard items such as navy cordura, you can spec in a custom build at the custom w?ldcard section or pick up a kitpouch separately to check out together with your bag.

    Do remember, shipping is free to anywhere in Malaysia. And international free shipping will apply when you order above rm700.


  4. Debbi says:

    when will you have waxed canvas again? How much does Rainmaker (both styles) weigh?


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