Why are Greenroom136 bags heavier than others?

Bags are extremely personal to every individual. Consciously, it’s a carrier for the things you need everyday. Sub consciously, it’s like an assistant or companion. To many, their bag carries their hope for a better tomorrow; a coder carries a laptop which is the tool to programming the future; a filmmaker carries a camera and a computer which are tools required to create/tell their next story; an entrepreneur carries a computer and product concepts which are tools needed to create their business empire. There is without a doubt, an emotional connection between the carrier and his/her bag.

We define a good bag as not by it’s price but by the materials used and how we apply these materials. We want our customers to have a good relationship with our bags by making sure that our bags achieve these following guidelines;

1. Must give good hugs. We hate bags with thin fabric and fails to give a good hearty hug. As you hug a Greenroom136, we assure you of a plush experience.

2. Quality by touch. As you touch and hold a Greenroom136, you will instantly recognize that our bags are built strong and with substance.

3. Good weather proofing. Too many bags are made with weather proofing as an after thought feature. You may buy a light weight bag for it’s obvious reasons; but the fact that your bag will soak up when it rains can be disturbing. All our fabric are coated with polyurethane for good weather proofing and in fact, some may have additional weather proofing properties.

4. Must look good. Most competitive brands use single layer shells to make cheaper and lighter bags. We really hate that concept. We feel strongly that all stitchings and the ugly inner works of a bag should be concealed a much as possible. Hence all our bags features a layer of high density (420denier) oxford nylon fabric for the inside; this not only provides strength and durability from scuffing and puncture but also it’s more pleasing to the eye as you won’t see the stitchings as you rummage through.

5. Must not fail. We make sure that the bags we produce will not fail as you are out and about. Lighter and cheaper fabric, zips and buckles will never allow such luxurious peace of mind. We don’t mind potential customers complaining about heavier bags as we know that our customers will always be happy with the quality of our work.

We may not have the lightest bag in town but we are damn sure you’ll be investing in a well made bag that will last a life time. Actually, we are not any heavier than most established independent brands.


Following is a comparison chart between a typical Greenroom136 bag with both commercial and independent brand X. This chart is based on our in house competitive comparison analysis on 10 various brands.

Raw materials comparison

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