Free Worldwide Delivery… why?

Buying goods from a worldwide level is changing. With rise in online stores and transactions of goods/services travelling to anywhere in the world, new import/export policies are taking shape. The most common of policies is one of custom tax and duties (i.e. GST, VST, VAT and etc); whereby a country would impose tax/duties on their consumers when they buy goods/services from other countries. From an economic stand point, these are positive changes as they bring more revenue to the country. With more revenue we see countries develop and advance. Economically, these country developments would mean more projects and jobs; in result, more money will circulate within the country’s population. More wealth for all.

This is a change with a larger picture in mind and on a long term perspective. On the short term, these taxes tend to burden consumerism.

So, to help out our customers we have a free delivery program for orders above RM600. There is also a tiered delivery flat rate for orders below RM600.

We may not be able to absorb all cost of tax but by absorbing the cost of delivery (which could go as high as 15% of product cost) we hope to lessen the burden of our fans. This program is not a time sensitive promotion to get you to buy more but rather a long term, no time expiration service we offer for all international customers to pay less tax by no longer having to pay for high shipping cost. This program is applicable for delivery by Air Parcel service only.

Read more about our terms and conditions of trade here.

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