Rainmaker review by Steven Yap, USA.

Thanks to Steven Yap for the wonderful review.

20170529_192410Hey Pat,

Since I’ve had the Rainmaker for about a week and change, I feel more comfortable commenting on how I use the pack as my EDC (everyday carry).

I work as a performance engineer for a company that provides hyper-converged solutions to large and small customers. Part of my responsibilities is to develop tools that makes analyzing a lot of data more focused and easier for other engineers. As such, I carry two laptops – a 13in Apple MacBook Pro and a 13.5in Microsoft Surface Book (along with the requisite power bricks and a 35000mAh external power bank).

I am also an amateur artist and always carry two large Moleskine sketchbooks, several drawing implements,  and a few figure drawing books. The amount of stuff I carry everyday can easily top 30lbs (~14kgs). The placement of the laptop compartment and the configuration of the straps (i.e., thickness, padding, placement, et. al.) both do wonders for my back such that I have no problem carrying that amount of stuff across the parking lot and up four flights of stairs to reach my desk.

I have also used the pack on a three-day trip to San Jose where I filled the pack to the brim in order to fit all my gear and clothes in the Rainmaker and an 20-in spinner suitcase.

The stitching it top-notch and I’ve not seen any give  across any seam throughout my time with the pack. The large front pocket is probably my favorite compartment to quickly stash bulky items like sketchbooks, power bricks, on-ear headphones, and hoodie sweaters. The secret compartment is where I stash my travel documents and will come in really handy when flying internationally to stash plane and train tickets, passports, IDs, travel itineraries, et.al.

Although the pack doesn’t come with a hydration loop (to be able to attach hydration bladders when hiking), I found a workaround by using the internal MOLLE field and some paracord to tie a 2liter hydration bladder to the back of the pack (in the main compartment).

20170529_192810The only thing I didn’t like about the pack is the top handle – it’s usually flushed flat to the top of the pack making it hard to grab, especially when trying to grab it overhead when wearing the pack. To fix this, I used 550 paracord to shape and wrap and shape the handle (please see attached pictures). I used two layers of cobra knots to give the handle some bulk and rigidness. This works better for me. I’ve also changed the zipper pulls to 550 paracord to reduce the jangling sound the zippers make when they jostle around.

Another thing I notices is the apparent lack of zippered organizational pockets. While there are a few, most organizational pockets are open so things might tend to fall out of the pockets if the pack’s orientation changes (for whatever reason).

Also, the addition of a hydration loop and ports could be another option for those who want a customized pack.

Lastly, I would like to ask if there are any plans on making an even larger version of the Rainmaker, say, a 20in to 22in (~51cm to ~56cm) x 13in (~33cm) x 8.5in (~22cm) version? This would make it an ideal weekender so people would only have to bring one piece of luggage for their clothes and gear for a 2-dat to 3-day trip. I would definitely sign-up for that.

This is a very good, high-quality pack and even friends who own the Goruck GR2 are very impressed with the build and quality of this pack.

I hope to own more products from Greenroom136 in the near future.

Best regards,

Steve Yap
Cary, North Carolina,


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