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NEW 2017 Worldwide Delivery Program

freedelivery-logoWe are extremely happy to announce our brand new delivery policy for worldwide deliveries. This new policy is based on a flat rate scale as follow. Applicable to any know address deliverable by Pos Malaysia ( and DHL Express (;

Orders starting from
RM0 – RM199 > RM50 delivery charge
RM200 – RM399 > RM100 delivery charge
RM400 – RM599 > RM50 delivery charge
RM600 onwards > FREE worldwide delivery by Pos Malaysia Air Parcel
RM800 onwards > FREE worldwide delivery by DHL Express for Zone1
RM1000 onwards > FREE worldwide delivery by DHL Express for Zone 2

Free delivery charge for orders in Malaysia and Singapore.

Terms and condition – 

  • This free worldwide delivery policy is our way of assisting our customers to lessen the burden of buying internationally which can be expensive due to high shipping cost and custom duties/taxes.
  • Value of order is based on final total value after discount.
  • Deliveries are fulfilled by Pos Malaysia for standard Air Parcel or DHL Express for express courier where applicable. We reserve the rights to change our service provider without prior notice.
  • All custom tax or duties deriving from packages entering country of destination will be paid for by the customer. Strictly, Greenroom136 will not attend to any special request for payment of such custom tax or duties. Nor entertain requests to under declare shipping documents.
  • Option for worldwide delivery policy will be activated automatically when a delivery address is updated on the order page before check out. Please refer to your address details if you do not see delivery option.
  • Zone 1 includes Australia, Austria, Bangladesh, Belgium, Bhutan, Brunei, Cambodia, Canada, China, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Laos, Macao, Maldives, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Netherlands, New Zealand, Palestine, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States, and Vietnam. Rest of the world is Zone 2.
ConcreteJungle : Heroes starts from zero. #52 Roda Pusing

ConcreteJungle : Heroes starts from zero. #52 Roda Pusing

We got to meet up with Albakry Salehuddin. He is co-host to Roda Pusing; one of Malaysia’s leading automotive YouTube Channel. He speaks about the genesis of Roda Pusing and shared many nuggets on how to be a YouTube sensation. Guest Albakry Salehuddin Roda Pusing Music Love is a scooter Composed and performedContinue Reading

Free Worldwide Delivery… why?

Buying goods from a worldwide level is changing. With rise in online stores and transactions of goods/services travelling to anywhere in the world, new import/export policies are taking shape. The most common of policies is one of custom tax and duties (i.e. GST, VST, VAT and etc); whereby a country would impose tax/duties on their consumers whenContinue Reading

The inevitable price hike.

Despite the many economic changes, we’ve been trying to avoid increasing my prices for over 2 years now; in hope of a resurgence. As of late, the Ringgit is still weak and there’s been cost increase in almost all our raw materials. We have no other options but to fall in line. Therefore, we wishContinue Reading

Why are Greenroom136 bags heavier than others?

Bags are extremely personal to every individual. Consciously, it’s a carrier for the things you need everyday. Sub consciously, it’s like an assistant or companion. To many, their bag carries their hope for a better tomorrow; a coder carries a laptop which is the tool to programming the future; a filmmaker carries a camera andContinue Reading

Update on “Worldwide or Bust!”

If you’ve been following our work this far, you will recall our campaign to get the Greenroom136 brand to as far as we can on the world map. Very happy to share a screenshot of visitors to our website, with colour temperature depicting intensity. Here are the countries by rank; 1. Malaysia 2. USA 3.Continue Reading

Junkmonkey review by Jesslyn

Junkmonkey review by Jesslyn

We received a pretty interesting review of our JunkMonkey urban bag from a new friend from Sitiawan, Malaysia. Big thanks to Jesslyn for the kind kind words of encouragement. ——————-   Subject: Review (so sorry to all overseas future customers as I have used our typical Malaysian dialect in this review as I am typingContinue Reading

Get a ScribbleBook Journal when you spend RM400

Spend above RM400 at our online store or retail partners and receive a ScribbleBook Journal… on us. Promotion begins 29th (Friday) till 31st May (Sunday) and is applicable for Greenroom136 customers, worldwide. Shop online at; Greenroom136 Hub Store @ POP By JayaOne and Greenroom136 Hub Store @ [i]Store, Publika. For address and contact, visit this pageContinue Reading

Maxis Hotlink says we’re #OHHSOME!

Maxis Hotlink says we’re #OHHSOME!

Happy to announce that we’ve been selected, with a whole group of other Malaysian social media moguls to partake in Maxis Hotlink’s very first ever #OHHSOME Fest. This is going to be fun. Find their press release below and come by to check out the fest. —– KUALA LUMPUR – The social media scene has been thriving in MalaysiaoverContinue Reading

Of droids and lightsabers.

Of droids and lightsabers.

1977. There I was, glued to a little box with bright fluttering lights. I was waiting for that moment when a black and white image of a Tie-Fighter would fly by and explode into a fiery ball of star dust; just like how I recall seeing it before on many such similar nights. It wasContinue Reading