W?ldcard custom bag builder

There lies a special bond between us and every Greenroom136 bag. We can’t help but to feel connected to everyone of them; much like how parents connect spiritually to their offspring. We are particularly sensitive to every stitch; every blemish; every micro signature of each bag. And although we try our very best to avoid mistakes during manufacturing, we do live by a level of threshold of forgiveness for minor flaws. Because it is in these flaws, that make each and every Greenroom bag unique and individualistic.

We like the prospect of playing GOD. Witnessing the sense of pride on the faces of our users, brings a level of joy beyond reckoning. So, we’re sharing the prospect of playing GOD with YOU!

Greenroom W?ldcard custom bag, let’s you decide how you want your next Greenroom bag built. The colours, the accessories, the functionality. You pick’um, we build’em!


Wildcard Bootstrap.002

How do I begin this delightful journey of GOD-like wonderment?

1. Pick a bag! You get to choose between the many bags in our arsenal. All custom begins with the core basic bag model and you pick and choose additional builds to make them unique.

2. If looks could kill! Pick how many panels you would like your bag to carry; choose from one, two, three, five or seven panels.

3. Colour me bad! Choose your colours from the swatch. Paint your Greenroom with one or go looney by giving it a rainbow of colours. You’re GOD, remember? So… PAINT! If you want some visual guide, download the builder kit, bring on those crayons and relive your childhood coloring days. Or pop the images into a photo editing software for an easy, icky finger free solution.

4. Accessorise! We have an arsenal of stuff for you to beef up your bag. Go crazy and add on with a quick grab handle, shoulder pad, utility organiser pouch, RKK and etc.

5. Checking out! Referencing your colour combo on the builder kit, fill up the order form carefully and check out your order using the “W?ildcard Custom Bag Check“. The system will then email us your order instructions and with that; we will render your bag and email you for verification. once you’re satisfied and given the ok. Go back to your account dashboard to complete the order process by making payment via PayPal or bank transfer. We will get right into building your bag immediately.

6. Is it here yet? Is it here yet? Is it here yet? Is it here yet? Is it here yet? Is it here yet? Upon confirmation of payment, production will take one full week and delivery would estimate to take about less than another week (depending on delivery final destination). We do expect your bag to reach your welcoming, warm, GOD-ly, ginger parental embrace in about two weeks.