Designed and hand made in Malaysia.


All Greenroom products are made by our skilled crafters in our facility.

We do our best to be a socially responsible corporate citizen. Joining the many in the journey to bring a new era of “Made proudly in Malaysia”; all Greenroom products are designed and hand made in Selangor, Malaysia. Despite the many challenges of making things locally, we feel strongly that our actions will bring the following benefits to the Malaysian economy; provided our actions inspire more Malaysian makers to make things locally too.

1. Give equal opportunity to local workmanship by keeping work from leaving Malaysian shores.

2.  Every Ringgit invested to make our products in Malaysia, keeps those Ringgits circulating within our economy.

3. Give equal opportunity to local service/product providers to innovate their offerings in response to solving local industry problems.

4. Encourage more Malaysian makers to consider making things locally causing a ripple effect to abetter financial economy.

Does it mean Greenroom136 will never farm out manufacturing to other countries? No. There are benefits to outbound manufacturing; namely technological expertise; lower costs resulting with lower price products to end users; quicker mass production turn around time; and many more. But at the moment, we believe strongly that our country’s well being is more critical.

Because we build all our bags to last, we stand by our promise to warranty for life.

If you are a maker… consider joining this revolution.

Visit Junkmonkey Central workshop store to view all our products.
Visit Junkmonkey Central workshop store to view all our gears.