Buy a Greenroom bag… online.

Greenroom bags are available through this website and at select few retail partners. Here are things to be aware about when buying from Greenroom136 online store. To buy a Greenroom136 bag at retail, go here for a list of nearest retailer.

When your ready to buy any of our groovy gears,

1. Click on the buy link to go to the online store. Choose your product(s) of choice and click ADD TO CART. Its a simple, standard shopping cart so I’m sure you’ll find your way around. Our shopping cart is powered by the good folks of ECWID.

2. Fill up your shipping details and identify your payment choice; Paypal, credit card or electronic fund transfer to our bank account (much preferred). It is important that you include a valid email address and your mobile number so that we can call you for a little chit chat. We do get lonely at times.

Note that all credit card and Paypal transactions are administered by Paypal on Paypal’s portal. Thus, Greenroom136 and it’s staffers (and slaves) do not have access to your personal credit card information.

3. Kick back and wait for our response.

4. If your paying by credit card or Paypal credit, you will receive an order confirmation by email, verifying availability, and delivery airway bill details. By which, your order will be processed and delivery of your purchases will follow suit. If order is unable to proceed due to unavailability of stock, your payment will be refunded to you via Paypal.

5. If you are paying by electronic fund transfer, payment to be made to Maybank #512820053937 (Greenroom One Three Six Enterprise); message us at +60127231361 or email us at with the message; Order number # and paid amount. For Maybank account electronic transfer, result of transfer is immediate while for non-Maybank account electronic transfer, it will take about 3 days for your money to reach us. There is a 3 day cooling period upon all email order confirmation. If payment is still not received, order will be cancelled automagically and delivery will not take place. This of course applies only for electronic fund transfer and will not apply when paying via credit card or Paypal. Production of custom build bags will only take place after payment is successfully transferred to our account. For standard ready bags, delivery will only take place when payment is successfully received.

6. Sit back and wait anxiously for Mr CourierDude to deliver your loot. We will provide you with a tracking number from the appointed courier company, so that you can track the where about of your stash.

7. Should you need assistance, phone or sms us at +60127231361

Terms and condition of trade

Operating hours
Our online store may be open 24hrs throughout the year; but JunkMonkey Central workshop only operate by these hours.
Monday – Friday 9am till 6pm (Malaysian time)
Close on Saturday, Sunday and public Malaysian holidays.

Order processing
Unless, we are able to bull whip our slave to work overtime; all orders will be processed on the next work day (reference back to operating hours listing above).

We strive to complete all order processing within 3 days. When your order is shipped, you will receive an email notice, by which it would take another day or two to arrive at your doorstep within the Klang Valley. Delivery time varies when destination is outside of Selangor, Malaysia.

Estimated time needed for delivery by Air Parcel is 11 days and 5 days by Poslaju Express. This estimate is provided by the postal office and courier company, in our experience most packages will reach its destination/city before the stipulated time. Sometimes, a package may experience delay should the package be held back by the country’s custom department. At this juncture, the provided estimated delivery time will no longer apply. Delivery will continue as soon as all outstanding issues are settle by the recipient with their respective custom department.

To check delivery status, please proceed to these following platforms with your tracking number;
Nationwide courier – or call 1300222777
International Air Parcel – or call +60327279100
International Poslaju Express – or call +60327279100

Tax and duties
All custom tax, duties, GST, VST, VAT and etc deriving from any sale shall be borne by the customer. More about how we assist with custom tax here;​.

Returns and Exchanges
Standard build bags – Should there be a shortage or unsatisfied product, please contact us via email ( or phone to notify us of your concern. All we ask, is that you send the items back to us in its original packaging, and make sure the merchandise is in the same resellable condition should you wish to return a newly purchased product within 7 working days from date of delivery. All cost of return shipment is to be borne by the buyer and refunds will subject to restock and repair fees; more details about how to return your purchase and related conditions to refunds are available at this link.

W?ldcard custom build bags – At point of customisation, we shall provide you with image renders and recommendations to ensure all details about the customisation is accurate. Once we have your design confirmation and that we have received payment in full, , production will commence. Custom build bags cannot be returned or exchanged. Cancellation in the middle of bag production will not be entertained; we cannot refund your payment and production will still continue. When the bag is complete, we will still deliver the bag to your predefined address. Since custom bags are built based on the buyer’s specifications, we recognise that the bag is unique and thus have no resell value at our store.

Product design discrepancies – We are an organisation that is constantly improving product offering. Therefore, expect to see some improvements to the final product you are about to purchase. Photos of products on our website, facebook and any other visual platform belonging to Greenroom136 are purely for general illustration purpose only. Our focus is to keep to the illustrated design as accurately as we can but due to uncontrollable circumstances of materials availability or the need to improve certain components/parts of the product, we own the right to make such changes to the product without written or verbal conscent.

All Greenroom products carry a lifetime warranty to be free of defects in materials and workmanship. This does not cover wear and tear of normal daily use or intentional abuse. We may repair or replace, free of charge, any product covered under our warranty policy. In order to submit a warranty return, please email with a photo of your injured Greenroom product. Bring your damaged bag to our office or the reseller that had sold you our product. Repaired bags can be collected from our office or the respective reseller store.

One of the most common question we received, is about the brand logo on our products. We currently use two labels to represent our brand, which will be explained here. We used to utilize an embroidery “Gordon” logo but due to certain constrains, we chose to discontinue this logo format until due notice.

Greenroom136 double line patch

The Greenroom136 double line patch is our most current and widely used patch to represent our standard line products available online and retail.

Greenroom W?ldcard

The Greenroom W?ldcard patch is commonly used to represent custom bags. This patch is also used to represent W?ldcard Street bags since these tend to come in non-standard color combo. Should you prefer to have the Greenroom136 double line patch for your custom bag, please inform our representative during the design stage.

Gordon Embroidery

The Gordon Embroidery logo was used in the past to represent retail and ready made products. As of 2015, this logo is discontinued temporarily. This decision is due to certain challenges in execution. Since this is our most favorite logo treatment, we assure everyone that we will revisit in the near future.

Gordon Black Tab

The Gordon Black Tab can be found on smaller products and any other space that requires a discreet brand representation.

Gordon Green Tab

The Gordon Green Tab can be found on smaller products and any other space that requires a discreet brand representation.

Greenroom136 Green Tab

The Greenroom136 Green Tab can be found on smaller products and any other space that requires a discreet brand representation.