W?ldcard St bags are available in three sizes.

W?ldcard St harness with shoulder pad

W?ldcard St mini cambuckle

W?ldcard St uses a very simple mini cambuckle harness that locks on and disengages from your body quicker than you can think it! Included is a waist belt should you need to ride with your W?ldcard and don't want it to slide around your body. A pair of harness wings and EVA packed shoulder pad helps with a more comfortable carry.

W?ldcard St (S) featuring an extended inner shell

W?ldcard St (S) featuring an extended inner shell

Features our very own speciality, an extended inner shell to keep all your gears inside from falling out and bad weather from getting into your bag. Each bag is made with three layers of fabric starting with our standard Cordura nylon and Ripstop; both tear and water resist. We further make  each bag bomb proof but adding an addition layer of truck tarpaulin.


Max is a headless dummy and measures 5 feet 9 inches. Modeling here with a W?ldcard St (S).

inside wildcard street

We made the bag basic, allowing better use versatility. Inside it's huge main compartment, you can find a key loop and a zip pouch. Should the need arise, just add on a +Bookpouch, +KitPouch or Random Knick Knack.

Laptop friendly +BookPouch sleeves

Laptop friendly +BookPouch sleeves

+KitPouch to make your W?ldcard, camera friendly

+KitPouch to make your W?ldcard, camera friendly

W?ldcard Streets

Our classic street messenger bags that breaths refreshing fun. Purposed for the care-free street life, we built them to be strong; durable; functionally easy to have around; and a remarkable, eye-popping piece of art. Each color way is selected behind an inspiration. It’s “one-of-a-kind”!

Comes in three sizes;
W?ldcard (XS) measures Width 25cm, Height 21cm, Depth 10cm.

W?ldcard (S) measures Width 32cm, Height 21cm, Depth 13cm.

W?ldcard (M) measures Width 35cm, Height 25cm, Depth 16cm.

W?ldcard (L) measures Width 39cm, Height 31cm, Depth 16cm.

We beefed up the outer shell with 3 layers of magical fabric starting with our no nonsense 1000 denier, genuine Cordura nylon fabric for the obvious durability and weather repellant nature. Followed by a layer of 420 denier, genuine Ripstop to make it absolutely tear proof. And sandwiched in between is a super tough vinyl fabric to make it waterproof and indestructible. You can expect this bag to withstand anything you throw at it.

The bag closes with a pair of YKK brand velcro enclosure with a pair of concealed YKK brand side release buckles; just the way you like them. And a YKK brand zipper pouch on the inside with 3 front pockets for all your gadget carry.

Here is where the bag really shines. We incorporated a harness system that is both comfortable and easy to use. A quick yank at the mini cambuckle and the bag will  tighten to your body or disengage from it. And when you go biking, strap it up with the included waist belt to hold the bag in place. It’s now super duper comfy with an included, mighty plush EVA foam packed shoulder pad.

Key features

  • 1000 denier Cordura outer shell with 420 denier Ripstop inner shell. Sandwiched between is a super tough, waterproof vinyl fabric.
  • 3 inside gadget pockets for quick access.
  • a built-in zipper pouch on the inside for cables, pens and other smaller random knick knacks.
  • wing back 2″ industrial grade safety belt harness with new mini cambuckle and EVA packed shoulder pad.


Xtra Small, Small, Medium and Large

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W?ldcard (XS) RM$250
W?ldcard (S) RM$300
W?ldcard (M) RM$350
W?ldcard (L) RM400